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For those of you not in Australia, today is election day here. To all Australians I urge you to vote wisely, vote early, vote often. For me it was easy to choose 1st and 2nd preferences and then I had to decide who I loathed least…in descending order.  Don’t ya’ love democracy?

If you haven’t voted, here are the latest 123host announcements and electoral policies.

When elected, 123host promises to continue to follow up the handful of ‘something is a bit slow’ reports promptly. We will also rapidly discover that for a couple of days the network was running on half duplex before it was reset to full duplex.

As part of our new communications policy we will also explain the difference between half duplex and full duplex by likening it to using a 2 way radio Vs a phone – you can skip this paragraph if you don’t want your brain to bleed. Half duplex conversation only goes in one direction at a time, that is what happens on a radio – you talk, you release the button, you listen. Repeat. Full duplex is like a phone, you can talk back and forward without having to wait for the other end to finish…that is sometimes called a political debate.

123host has always been a strong supporter of backups and our policies have continually reminded you, our appreciated supporters, of the value of backups. In recent times we have been requested by constituents to rescue them when something has gone wrong. By increasing the expenditure on backups we promise to continue to provide regular backups and to keep them offsite.

Unlike other candidates 123host is always transparent and tells the truth, so here are our two technical policy paragraphs about backups. There are three levels carried out – daily, weekly and monthly. Just how it sounds, that is how often a backup is carried out and then over-written. A monthly backup is done at the beginning of each month, similarly one is done at the beginning of each week. If you suddenly realise you need something you accidentally deleted a couple of weeks ago, these are your saviours. Then there is a daily backup enabling a restore from any of the last 7 days.

If you are running as an independent and have your own policy statement that includes personal backups, be like 123host and keep your backups off the main server. The whole idea is to have them available if something goes horribly wrong e.g. The Shooters Party wins the election. It is pointless having your backups on the original computer if it has been burned, stolen or shot at by the new Prime Minister.

I want you to hear from our Minister for Security, that’s me. I’m not talking about the security of our major political donors, we will always look after them. No, I want to address the security of the traffic to and from your website. If you aren’t collecting sensitive information or orders for products this may not interest you, but it is worth reading.

SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer) provide encryption between the browser and the server to theoretically stop snooping on the data going back and forth. I say ‘theoretically’ because there is nothing that is 100% secure. The URL becomes https:// instead of http:// and there is usually a padlock icon in the address bar like this SSLYou can read about SSL here  – note the prices for their SSL certificates.

At 123host we are going forward with 3 word slogans and the next one is “Free SSL certificates” – we will not enter into any discussion on whether that is really an abbreviated 5 word slogan. Yes, each and every 123hosted citizen is now entitled to a free SSL certificate. In your cpanel area under Security you will see our new department called ‘Let’s Encrypt SSL’, no appointment needed. If you get stuck, open a support ticket – no cash donations required.

Longer term 123host voters have all received election material explaining that we have changed allegiances and have formed a coalition with a new domain wholesaler. The amalgamation will take about a year all up, and has been quite a pain in the proverbial. But we shall persist with what we know is good and decent and right. So when and if you receive an email with an EPP code (the password) for your domain, please promptly forward it to You will then receive a ballot paper asking if you approve the domain transfer, in this plebiscite (as in the possible upcoming ‘real’ plebiscite) vote YES to approve. The 123host party will monitor the situation closely and stay in close communication with people affected.

Finally, 123host has always been the party of great customer service but we have had to take a tough love policy recently with people who have failed to keep their party membership up to date. When an invoice is 14 days overdue your service is suspended. We are a compassionate party so your service will be unsuspended for a week and you’ll receive a gentle reminder – no thugs in our party. If there hasn’t been a payment or something worked out the next suspension will stick. You receive another reminder, gently but eerily threatening that if it it isn’t all sorted out in a few days, everything will be deleted. We don’t like having to do that, but we do also understand that sometimes projects don’t quite work out.

If you need time to pay or something is going wrong, speak to the party leadership. We are a party for the people.
Thank you for listening citizen.
Leader and benign dictator at

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