Reaching the limits

A few months ago I set a challenge to beat the 123host support ticket response time of 51.7% within 1 hour and 82.7% within 4 hours.

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!! Legendary as always. Katherine M-S.

It isn’t like all stops have been pulled out to try to beat earlier metrics, but those stats keep tumbling.

Steve!! It worked!! Thank you!!! I really appreciate how patient you’ve been with me. Sally S.

January 2021 – almost 69% of customer support tickets answered within an hour! That’s unheard of!

Within 4 hours, 95.4% of the 83 support tickets opened during the month had been answered.

It is getting harder to get better, but we’ll keep trying.

My word, you are a superstar! Thank you dearly!!!!! Nelle G.