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This email is going to all 123Host customers, even if you have said “no marketing emails” because I have some news.

As I mentioned in an email a few weeks ago, 123Host is 25 years old.  It started because I am a geek and I wanted to help some friends and family with websites and, well you can guess the rest.

I thoroughly enjoy the things I do and learn running the business.  I also really, really enjoy “giving the level of customer service I wish I received from others” and doing it with a light touch and a sense of humour.

However this has been a particularly tough year for me having been diagnosed with prostate cancer at the end of 2023 and then having the pesky thing removed at the end of February – and yes, my body is now clear and I am almost completely recovered.  Additionally, I am celebrating my 69th birthday today and I made the easy decision that it is time to do the things I want to do, rather than those I have to do.  Because of my commitment to you as a 123Host customer, 123Host is a have to do which can sometimes get in the way of other things, like holidays.

So I have sold 123host.

That was a really tough decision made easier by the fact that it has been bought by David, who ran 123Host for me during a couple of my overseas trips not long ago.  He is going to introduce himself down the track, but David has loads of experience running a web hosting business and is also really customer focussed.  We regularly speak to each other if we need advice or a 2nd opinion on something.  David is very knowledgeable and a perfect fit – or this wouldn’t be happening. So there may be a different face at the wheel, but I suspect you aren’t going to notice many other changes, apart from some ideas he has for improving services (Office 365 anyone?).  We are doing a handover during June and it will be David’s baby from July 1st.

Over the years I have donated free hosting to a number of organisations that I support, if that is you, David will be in touch down the track.  If you had a PayPal subscription, I have cancelled all of those so you won’t be auto billed again by me.  Those who paid by direct deposit, will see David’s bank details on your next invoice.  Please be sure to delete the old 123host details (BSB: 034232) in your bank otherwise I will receive your payment – that means more paperwork…and no one wants that.  

Speaking of invoices, if you have an invoice due before June 30th, it would really be appreciated if you could pay it by then so I get the money ;o)  Similarly, if your invoice is due from July 1st onward, please pay in July so the money goes to David.  Obviously we will work it all out, but your cooperation would be a big help.  

I am going to really miss you and 123Host, but ultimately this is a great thing, ensuring stability for 123Host into the future.

Haha…as I am typing this The Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley started playing on my computer.  Perfect!

I am so glad I gave you the level of customer service we all deserve.  I thank you for being a 123Host customer and wish you much joy and success with your projects.


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