Mea culpa

Well I am back from my trip to India and it was absolutley fantastic!  Having said that, I can understand why some people would not like the place, it is an assault on all your senses.  At the same time, if you chill and go with the “I am on an adventure” flow, India is an amazing place.  Check out my blog at

Apologies for some down and slow time today.  It was all my fault.

Still a little rusty on some things, I misconfigured a setting which effectively made the server fall off the internet.  The problem with DNS issues is that even if you notice straight away (I did) and correct it immediately (I did) the misinformation has been sent out to the world and takes time to be reversed.

It all looks a lot better now, my only disappointment was as part of the attempt to fix I rebooted the server, until then it had been up and running uninterrupted for almost 6 months.

But a working server is more important than an uptime record.