Free SSL for everyone!


If you recall a few months ago I announced Free SSL certificates now available.  This was pretty cool, Lets Encrypt started making SSL certificates available for free.  This is huge, the sale of SSL has been big business for a long time, way overpriced.  As often happens, someone has come along and disrupted the model and it has collapsed.

Now free SSL certificates are becoming the norm.  So much so that an upgrade to the 123host server happening as I write this, is automatically applying a free certificate for every single domain.  Even yours!

What does this mean?  Why SSL?  To find out you can read this article.

So what do you need to do to have your site use the certificate that is available?  Just use https:// instead of http:// and you will see a green padlock appear in the address bar, like this


If you are using WordPress you can make this the default URL by going into the dashboard > Settings and change the URL in two places by just putting the s in there and making it https://


Easy Peasy.

If you aren’t using WordPress and you need some help, open a support ticket – did you see what I did there?