Server update 12/2

The 123host server compromise from a while back stopped.  We put in extra security measures and audited the server.  All felt good.

However it seems that feelings of confidence were misplaced.  The checking has resumed and is overwhelming me.  It is having a range of knock-on effects as sites are marked deceptive and the server’s trust level wavers.

I have no choice but to rebuild the existing server in order to eliminate whatever back door software has been hidden.

Over the next few days all accounts will be moved one at a time to a new machine.  During this time your site may be disrupted.

I can’t even from the words of apology that are needed.  You have trusted me to look after your site and I have failed.  I especially apologise to newer customer who came to 123host based on someone’s recommendation -FWIW 123host has never advertised and has grown by word of mouth.

I can assure you that in consultation with the data centre we are investigating all options.  As you can imagine, this is going to have a huge impact, not only on me and my business.  I am quite behind answering emails and I will get to them all asap.

I don’t want to overdo it with email updates so if you want to see the latest I will keep updating here.

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