I am not very big on authority.  Ms 123host constantly points out how I love breaking rules.

So I am pretty easy going with most 123host rules.

If you are hosted with anything other than a small hosting company you can expect rules to be enforced without exception, without review, without any human intervention.  It is all automatic, they don’t care much about individuals and their circumstances.

I am different.  I rarely enforce bandwidth or quota limits, I will give you a bit more or look to see what is causing excessive use.  Until it gets out of hand I am willing to cut customers a bit of slack, it is part of the 12ehost great service philosophy and engenders loyalty and good word of mouth.

So it always pains me to have to write a “last chance” email letting someone know that if they don’t pay a month overdue invoice I am going to delete all their hard work.

The truth is that if she got back to me and said anything – “my mother is sick”, “I am having a baby”, “the dog ate my PayPal account” – I would be open to working something out.  Silence is the problem.

But there is one area I don’t compromise, security.  If your site in any way compromises the server it will be suspended.  Yes, I will work with you to figure out the problem, but security rules.

Them’s the rules.

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