Intermittent outages

October 22nd

You may have noticed that there have been several server outages over the last few days resulting in sites not being reachable.  Firstly I sincerely apologise for this, obviously it is not part of the grand plan.

In tandem with the data centre, I am working hard to determine the underlying cause.  The problem is that when everything is working, there is nothing to see.  It is trying to investigate at the very moment when a glitch is taking place, but we haven’t even figured out what is triggering it yet.

What I want you to know is that I am fully aware it is happening and that we are doing everything possible to get it fixed as a matter of urgency. 

I will update this post with what I know as regularly as I can.  If you have any questions email me, support@ – as usual I will be as honest and transparent as I can.

I haven’t been smiling much today, but the data centre replied and the jargon filled explanation put a wry smile on my face

We have fully reviewed all logs and from what we can tell the kernel is killing processes due to out-of-memory errors. The majority of RAM is being used as a cache for the database.

We have modified some settings to reduce normal system RAM usage and also reduced how aggressive the oom killer is.

It makes sense to me, but am thinking of offering a prize to the first customer to decipher it :o)


The data centre hasn’t been able to solve this yet, so they have escalated it to cPanel, the developers of the server software.

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