Divi theme…I’m getting interested

If you use WordPress you need to have a theme. There are thousands and thousands of them ranging from the free default theme through to expensive premium themes.

One popular theme is Divi and the associated Divi builder. I’ll be honest and admit I don’t know a lot about it apart from having tweaked a few Divi sites, so I can find my way around it.

But I do own a lifetime multi-site Divi license that I purchased for 123host.com.au customers who subscribe to the WordPress management service I offer.

As part of that I was also added to the Divi mailing list. As a rule as soon as I get the first email from something like this I unsubscribe, but in this case I have actually found them to be a bit useful, so I pick the eyes out of the content.

I keep adding their freebies to the Divi pack customers have access to and today I found out they have a YouTube channel with a load of tutorials which look like a great resource for getting your Divi on.

I might check it out…

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