Carbon capture

Late October 2019 and I know the contract on my current server expires in early December.

The current server has been in the UK paid for in $US. The company ( has been awesome but between the crappy exchange rate and the tyranny of distance it is time to move the server back to Australia.

This is not a trivial task.

I spent a few weeks researching what I wanted and then finding a new hosting service. I negotiated with them and decided they were the mob to go with. I bit the bullet in early November and placed an order for the new server giving me a month to prepare it and move.

Then they told me that the server is not in stock. WTF!?!? FWIW, 2 weeks later it is still listed on their site. I am not going to dignify them with a name.

Moving on…breathing…trying to not get stressed…

I found another mob and I think I am already glad the last one fell through. Though timing wise I may have to take out one more month on the old server, but the new host is flexible enough to make that up to me after 3 months…I like this guy. He is like me…can work with his customers instead of some set of rules decided by a CEO.

So…tomorrow is December and I have moved sites up to the letter H.

Stock image that doesn’t look like me or anything at 123host but still gives the impression that there is something cool happening.

The new server is so much faster I sometimes think that there is something wrong…I have gotten so used to waiting for a page to load (I have lousy internet anyways) that when they load so fast I wonder if it actually did load…no kidding.

For the tech-heads it is running E5-2670v2 with 64GB RAM and 4 x 1.92TB SSD RAID 10. It is quick! It is the combination of solid state hard drives, fast processors and being in Australia that have made the difference.

This migration hasn’t been without a few hiccups but they are generally quickly fixed.

Soon my anxiety level will drop back to extreme…

Oh and the cryptic title? I have named servers sequentially going through the periodic table. Old server was boron this one is carbon.

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